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A bit too much of rail
I love those train journeys especially when you can just sit peacefully looking at the rhine river and keep reading your favourite book on the kindle. I also had some notes as I was reading some papers. Papers are a irritating thing to get into Kindle. I need to put them as just PDF and I am using a special KPDF Filemanager which allows me to read PDF as well as Epub files. The issue was that this program keeps on crashing and I had to endure the 5 minute Kindle restart cycle which may or may not restore.

Anyways this journey was important as I was on a mission to buy loudspeakers. The guy selling told me to come at 1 and as I removed my phone when I was reaching köln , I just passed the köln west then got to know that he wants me to come next day. So I was left in Köln centre, yes the same place which made news as I observed to find more security but just couldn't. I walked through the main shopping streets just like that feeling clueless and unable to decide what to do. I could go to my typical desi store which I just did and bought some stuff which I was planning to buy.

So I was on my return train and I messages saying "sad what time tomorrow is good?", then I was going home trying to read more stuff. Now as I reachged the halfway place I got a message saying that I could collect, was that before 6 or after 6 ? I got confused and asked my co pasenger what it means and he said before 6 today and I messaged back how about 4 and I got down to catch the next train in opposite direction.

I had to wait 15 minutes and this is also a place where two compartments get coupled and I saw them doing that for the first time that close. Its a very nice locking mechanism. It reminded me of how Indian train wagons are coupled.  Anyways a clueless desi asked if I am pakistani I said yes and he was asking stuff about a small town and I told him where to go. He was like "ahh you are indian na" which place I told him and his companion was shouting at him to get a proper timetable of directions. They are crazy enough to go bug a train conductor or someone who is located in a glass box.  That guy has a door which was locked and this guy instead of asking him from outside tries to go open the door and obviously that guy was pissed off. I told the other guy that this one wont give much info.

Anyways as I am other train I realise my message hasnt left the phone, I had to send it with other phone then I get a call saying that no he wont be available till 6 and it was just 3:15 , I said "ok"  and then get down at a city which I never bothered to go. I keep roaming and go to the tourist centre for a map and it wasnt free but an ad book was free, took it mut its not as simple as a map but is a full blown guide riddled with countless ads. I asked a couple where I am and was told to go to the biggest church. It was a roman church with quite a history to it. I went from back entrance strangely and it was probably a resting place for poor people. I went out to find beethovens place and on the route found a flea market selling tomatoes for cheap and tomatoes are the most price variant commodity and I just purchased a kilogram of the precious vegetable.

I just followed some tourists into a modern church and later thought that inorder to bite this cold I better go to a museum which I found. Its not the big national one but the state one, got a discount and it was 1.5 euros . I went to see the museum and how the rich used to live in 19th century. It wasnt much different. Strangely as time was running for me I couldnt see roman and middle ages which werent interesting for me. Maybe I was getting bored of museums I dunno. Also they had no english titles except the guidebook which I read , I just literallw saw the pictures and came awy this time.

So now I found that the station wasnt far, this was a small town for sure and I didnt walk away quite far. I got some cash and then went to find I had 20 minutes for the train. So I just went on the other side bakery bought some sweet foods which I could instantly eat like a cake and a bread in circles probably dipped in sugar syrup. I needed the energy :D

So this was a nice resting place and despite crowded train I got a place as people got down. So I got down and walked on the straight road and finally I got the call where I was. I met the guy with loudspeaker. I asked to test it. Later found that he was afghani and instead of troubling with deutch we spoke hindi. I told him I came from far and he said ok and I tsted the speakers , they were good. I came back happy ;)
Well it was worth the time ! I came back reading stuff till I was bored to death.
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