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Bicyle was stolen
That was the sad monday when I walked out and saw that my favourite transport vehicle was no more. 😢 It has not just been a transport but a companion for many awesome journeys. It even helped me roam the streets of berlin. It did get its fair share of Rhine valley , mosel valley as well as also the lahn valley. ✔️ Infact recently it even went on  a long trip to bonn.

I got it repaired and wow it did feel smooth and I was really really enjoying it which is when I realised "All good things don't last forever". 😣 The guy who sold me wanted to partially repair the mud gear but I was adamant enough to get a new one fixed and extra repairs which costed twice I was supposed to pay. I did that cause I believed if this bike is like my companion it deserves the best treatment. Imagine the bike being taken away.

PS : The funny thing was it had a bike computer which is with me, the person who stole just got the wire. No one can use it. 😆


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