An impromptu Bonfire on a lakeside
Me and my friend were going on a long bicycle ride for which we already were fighting against time due to sunlight. Yes it was hard for both me and him to climb the river bridge slope . I could do better thanks to the practice I got.

We went through the town of bendorf into the engers where I showed him the coolest cycle + pedestrian path with plants hanging on walls and bridges of just pedestrian crossings above us. These belong to the Schloss engers which obviously means that they belong to some kingdom and were nicely preserved. It also gave us a filmy look where someone can actually shoot a movie in that place.

Its the riverside path with too many bumps we had to go fast as it was reaching near zero light visiblity and we finally reached the path with viewing tower where my friend asked a lady about the lakes and he was looked at strangely. I told him I had the same experience before . The people come there normally with dogs and its supposed to be a dog hangout zone in the field which has nothing to do with the beautiful lake.

Anyways we went beside the lake and imagine my huge surprise that we ended beside a corn field !! Wow and we are hungry , so we went on a rampage getting the corn and picking nice ones . We forgot the corn leaf as we assumed we would go home . The light was almost over.

One place my friend tried to get down and it was too steep , I discouraged him and told him we would find another route , we did find a route and we could also take our bikes ! Imagine our surprise to see the lake crystal lear with no people nothing , it was just peace.

So we had corn , we are hungry .. on a beautiful lake and its almost dark.. there are lot of shrubs and small wood lying around and we were like cmon we can do this and we went on gathering wood for our bon fire. Later I felt inorder to catch the hot corn we need the corn leaves, so I went back to get them.

As obvious it was hard to start a fire , we found some idiot throwing some paper nearby and using that as tinder we could light and voila some time it burned and stopped . We tried again and started feeding small wood and lyarger ones to sustain the fire. anyways we got the fire running and the corn was pretty hard to get cooked soon. We threw some just on fire and have used sticks to turn them. Anyways we were successfull :) Imagine a lonely place and hear some one asking us if we are fishing .. and lol he goes to swim in the lake in the dark and comes back and says " bye" and leaves lol

Our back journey we thought of going by shortcut but we ended up making a circle which my friend recognised. That circle was painful going beside fields with very less path and only my lam was bright . So we went back to the same river route. We reached bendorf and it was almost 12 and there was a pizza shop and we were told it was closed. I asked if they have any drinks they said only a big cola and nothing to eat .
So as we were goign back we were lucky to be called back and were given two slices of pizza ! And we were also given lichi juice tins :) The night was getting awesome! So yeah we rode back slowly crossed the bridge and went home . I was dead tired but an awesome ride definitely worth blogging.

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Rust needed family

Family means boundaries

And boundaries are good for him !

First wild apple ever!
This was the apple which I plucked from a tree which was growing wild. It was the first time ever. I was plucking hell lot of cherries from wild but apples it was the first.

As you can see its not such a healthy apple.Strangely apples have hell lot of insects , definitely it is look and Bite :D
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Dutch is my favourite football team
Frankly havent watched much of football in my life. As much as this time

I guess this was because of it being the only watchable and comprehensible thing in Deutsch TV. I even went to a public screening and planned to go to the final and cheer for D land.

Anyways one team I was following was the dutch .

  • Robben was my favourite player

  • Van persies first goal se fida hogaya !

  • The first match where revenge is best served with goals :)

  • Van gaals right decisions at the right time

Yes they lost in penalties to Argentina , maybe the previous day D lands match gave blues to every one and spooked them. Anyways it was a clear tactical disadvantage where krul didnt replace silvester as goalkeeper for penalties like the quarters.

They won 3-0 with host nation and got 3rd postion which makes me content , and whoever wins in finals it doesnt matter.

New LJ changes
Out of all the UI changes happening on software and web systems , maybe the change by livejournal is the one I loved the most :)

Its making my comeback to blogging easy, something which was missing was the one big button to post a new entry . Now with this big button its pushing me to post one.

And the best thing of all the UI changes is retaining the same functionality of the editor . The same good old editor stays :)

Long cycle trip
Today the weather was awesome so I felt I should go somewhere. I was a 17 Km distant place aka 34 Km trip in total. I went on the rhine river north :)

I did see cherrie trees  and some field by which I had to come. One thing was the awesome weather and sun .. loved lying around on a white bench in the sun listening to atif aslam :)

Last few minutes of the journey are always interesting .. yes real pain in a... but worth it !

First time - Repaired punctured bike wheel !
I guess " DIY - Do it Yourself " is something which western world teaches to lazy people like me :D

It was a choice 16 if some one changes the tube in a shop , 6 if I want a new tube and 5 for a repair kit in a different shop. I bought a tube just in case and also purchased a bicycle repair kit.

So I came home opened up youtube and searched for how to change tube videos. I understood but I didn't have those wrenches which the video said . anyways the repair kit gave me an all purpose screw driver which didn't even budge the screw a millimetre also lol

So I need to do the puncture myself or get a better wrench .I knew the air was going out fastly so changing tube was a better idea, but I felt why not try fixing the puncture for now and think of the tube later, what would happen max ?  I have a new tube for safety side.

So using the two plastic lever like things I removed the tube which was pretty hard in the begining but as you get used to it you can remove the tube easily . I checked via a bucket of water for leakage . Finally at the end I found the bubbles for which I was waiting for.
I removed the air and then waited for the tube area to dry, used a cloth to absorb water and made sure it was really dry.

Later I used the stupid sticker which the repair kit gave , Its edge was coming off , waited for some time and added more gum at end and made it stuck to the tube . I put some weight on the sticker and tube to make sure of it. I was a bit afraid the sticker would come out and be delicate. Anyways inserting tube was again difficult until you get a hang of it . It also needs energy to be put at right places of the tube and tyre junction.

Rode my cycle for some time to check , I was a bit skeptical as the tyre pressure came down to its optimal setting. I put the cycle inside and checked it today voila same tyre pressure which means Hurray I did it !

Returning a girls identity !
There are some good deeds which need to be bragged by oneself. This was one which happened today morning.

It was 6 AM with quite some daylight and I open the window to breathe the fresh air of morning which I normally miss but since I hadn't slept I could breathe some.

There on the footpath was something which looked like a hand bag , I immediately took my keys and ran down and confirmed that it was a real hand bag and brought it inside for inspection.

After opening it I discovered a world the better words would be "Life"

The contents are

  • Deodrant

  • Perfume

  • Purse1

  • Purse2

  • House Keys

  • Car Keys

The purse 1 had african currency with some id and quite un important cards relative to the purse 2 . For me the first one was itself scary. Then Purse 2 really scared me as it was everything from bank,identity,license to even some local currency and very important papers.

So my goal was to return this to the girl. Obviously first search was on facebook and I didn't find her immediately. Later found an address written on the bag with email address. Email would be preferred by me but I am not sure when she would check it and I had to travel for the weekend with lot of work to do.

It was just after 6 AM and I am pretty sure no one would wake up and I took the time to profile the girl and see if I could find out more info. I found her FB account but I had no one even close to her on my mutual friends. It was a friend of friend of friend  relationship aka I need to traverse through three people to reach her which is quite long especially that we study at same place ! That also proved my hypothesis that she is no more in the uni. So I cant return to uni security and probably is not living at same place.

Anyways I had to travel tomorrow , I have work to do so I went to the address and rang the bell, there was none opening the door and her name was not there on the bell. I returned back remembering the keys and what the hell the bag was doing here . The keys door resembled our house keys. So she definitely belongs to our group of houses. And there is no point someone would bring her car here . The car is an important factor for discovering the reason for the bag as our door is close to parking place.

So I returned to my lane and started going to every door to check the names. I started with closest house and went to the next closest and most probable house according to car parking place. As I went on I was loosing hope. I was of hope that I could give to the housing group owners if they were present and this was almost the last building and my other alternative was to use the key to open every door of housing to find which house it is , any ways here everyone needs to put up his/her name on door if they want post or any imp communication , its quite obvious.

So the last house there she was and I was unable to believe my eyes and with excitedment pressed the bell like crazy. I waited and again pressed the door was opened by a girl who told the purse owner is sleeping . I told a part of my story and gave my email and returned back smiling thinking I won some karma points :)

Papi Hills
We started at around 3 AM , the entire journey was a 24 hour one.

So we started on the bike loaded with food and lot of water , actually bottles of water. So once we crossed the Khammam border I picked up speed, we agreed on going to some average to smoothen the bike ride.

We had this culverts like the white ones on the side of  the road to rest the backs as I know back is going to ache like hell.

Praveen did try the bike and he didn't get it smoothly I told him how to do it , he easily understood and caught up with it soon.
We reached Bhadrachalam by 6 AM where we were able to get the first breakfast , I guess I had masala dosa while he had poori .

We lost our directions of the road as the road felt too weird . So I gave my internet as a share while praveen checked the google maps on his android phone. We were on the correct route. As we were going through those tribal areas we realised that it was a day for elections and wow there was hell lot of security, it was a Z security force.

As we moved away from the main road and went to the road for kunavaram we found a  nice mirchi field where we took pics, it was quite a pleasant scene when we saw godavari beside us , we did stop to take some pics.

Just before we reached Kunavaram we saw a snake and was the most poisonous one "Cobra" on the road . Well we just went away , later we felt like we could have taken  a picture of it.
As we reached yet another bridge where we stopped like crazy and took Sabari the river pictures, we were asking ourselves why there were no more boats at kunavaram ? A local answered that parking is hard and also there is very less water in the summer for the boats.

so VR puram was the place we were supposed to go , it was the real tribal route where we lost the entire cellphone coverage area .. and was it wild? It was and the ride almost felt it like it was worth the effort driving on a bike, it was a paradise .. a single road well tarred but not a single vehicle in sight.

Ofcourse there were also nice views of godavari but it was dangerous to stop as passing vehicles dont have a place in all those twists and turns .. oh yeah it was small ghat road.

We were for a shock as we reached the boat place there were lot of tourists waiting it was a completely disconnected area where we were told to buy as much water as possible , we purchased some soft drinks but we had to wait for quite some time for the boats to start.

The best thing is we didn't take the AC boat but we decided to take the normal boat with normal people , we were asked many times and I had to refuse as its quite silly moving in and out and how the hell are we going to enjoy the atmosphere with closed windows ?? Later i realised they had also an option to come up and probably the quality of service might be good but it was just too pointless even to consider.

The only sad thing was the waiting time and the temparatures was rising we were kind of thinking on taking the morning trip but later got to know its only one time stamp thats 11-4 or something like that they even offered us breakfast and we could buy cooldrinks in the boat itself whenever we want the poor kids saved them in ice packs and they were selling it for quite cheap and I didn't even think a second while buying limca. The stupid multiplexes of the city fleece us for no good reason.

As we waited in the front there was a big speaker and I bugged them a lot to decrease the sounds and my co passengers supported me . The gang who was heading it was also quite sportive . Me and praveen were like two photographers crazily taking pictures of every damn thing which looked close to a scenic beauty.

We went on to the place where the whole place was shown including where the damned polavaram dam would start. We did stop by the perantalapalli  and the sand dunes. I distictly remember these two places and some people got down to stay there for the night and some people also had the option to catch a boat to rajahmundry which definitely would be a thing of past as we are pretty sure the river wont be navigable after the dam.

We started at perantalapalli where we climbed up and I was at the temple sitting outside in the rocks while I told praveen to check it out. I sat there seeing all the people from other boats including the upper class rich people who came on the AC boat and I had to chuckle at their stupidity. I sat on a rock , folded my trouserss and was relaxing my legs in the cool water. Ohh yeah i had those damned shoes which I removed. Many people did come and enjoyed the cool stream while the adventurous gang went up . We were told not to go up and disturb them , well I didnt want to disturb them but hell we did come all the way here and my memories of that place weere quite fresh after 16 years or so !!

We had a gang who came with us and I was encouraging them to come up with me, praveen caught up with me very slowly and hell we took lot of pics quite nice ones. I did slip and fell into the water for all the jumping and yeah my shoes were wet and I didn't care. Later in the boat I was bare foot while the shoes probaby were stinking lol

Anyways as we came back we did buy our share of crafts and they were pretty cheap and some we did bargain and the most interesting one was a thing where I asked not to put colours and she didn't agree. I explained how its good naturally with just the bamboo coulours and any extra colours would just make it artificial . Luckily a guy was making it and they were convinced thankfully I waited and we got it.

I sat on a bench as praveen took some pics and praveen had some great ideas for pics and I was not so encouraging sadly.

As we went for the lunch back in the sand dunes. I remember praveen jumping into another boat inorder to jump queue, I also jumped off and we were early before our boat started eating we were half way . It was a buffet and wow the biryani did taste awesome and we ate till the hearts filled and I sat on one end of the tent on the ground which to a class like me felt was an appropriate place, me being the trend setter did convince another class of people to follow me lol.

We went down to the river to take pictures of boat rivers and mountains. Our stuff was all in the boat and I was pretty sure no one would take it and I was right ohh yeah we still drank the water from home in order to avoid contamination.

Later as the temparatures rose on boat we were getting comfortable moving around and obviously praveens camera battery has died and so did mine :(

And there was some program starting and we went and sat back as there were some fun games or silly stuff happening , it was the correct thing to go back and see how people are doing.

Praveen sat with camera and his stuff while I went to the end of the boat and infact Papi hills we are done and we are going back to the place where we started . I was seated at the corner where there was quite less place and was a bit scary on the top . I asked for some pics of mine and I did take some people pictures as well .

Later I bugged praveen to come to the rear end and we took hell lot of pics with his cell phone and it was still running :)

It was comiing to an end , so did the boat program which actually to my surprise was very much liked by people and they did give some money back to the anchors .Well there definitely is a cultural disconnect with me :D

We came back actually took our bike scared people by coming in the way of cars on the single road we finally managed to reach kunavaram and we jumped into the water.

I went to buy some plastic covers and i failed atleast something from a shop which had some broken covers while I purchased center fresh. I came back and I lost my bike key as I was about to search for it there was cute little girl and her gang of kids who were asking about the handicrafts we were carrying and we were tired and I was tensed about the key and was explaining it while praveen searched. They were from rajahmundry and came for visiting relatives at kunavaram which made me realise how deep their connections were upstream and downstream of the river.

Hurray praveen found the key while we went to the centre where we purchased some plastic covers small ones and went ahead for better plasic covers shop we did buy them a lot so that the crafts are stable. Balancing them and sitting was the trick. Praveen did get to drive more this time.
 We reached a town where we made phone calls and drank some cola and filled water from 2 litre bottle, mama called and the phone slipped and fell on the road it was almost dark and guess what a villager picked the parts and gave to me and wow just a scratch for that fall. We were asked to meet his friend at bhadrachalam.

So it was almost the end when I had to go to the place of mamas friend. I did reach a place where we thought it was this guy and pinged him . Hi I am pavi are you waiting for me .. lol he turned out to be suspicious police and guess what he interrogated me like hell .. I was actually in a good mood so I answered him everything and wow pehle tho mera story itna theda hai .. I could have given him some default story ..felt like speaking truth .. that guy had too many questions lol and lot of inconsistencies in my life probably made him more curious  :D
A kid came and led us the way to some palace like house. The guy is an ITDA person while the lady was lecturer mamas collegue. We were given talcum powder and asked to comb hair by and old lady l. WTF I havent heard that dialogue for quite a long time. The freshening up was good as I got hot water and washing my ached face and hands was relaxing.The house was well decorated with nice taste.

Later we sat and were chatting continuously and it was dinner time.  hurray I was so happy to have dinner and it was awesome chicken mutton and god knows what !! I did tell mama that it was too good a host .. reminds me of some bad host some time back :D

We reached slowly a bit confused at one place we went off by 10 kms , had to come back a bit.
Reached at 3 AM again !

Industrial park finally !
I always wanted to go to Industrial park which is like 8 km away from the town on a highway junction . I finally went there today.

I saw the bright shine and checked weather to see that it was 15 C and I was like wow this is the best time to bring out my bike. Yes there was less air in it but I didn't care and I brought it out and this time I didn't take water or any bag with me .

So I started going on the familiar route where I had to take a turn there was a railway bridge under which we had to go and it was a one way road with many vehicles coming . I waited and finally cycled to see that a car allowed me to go through a narrow road and I was like cycling fast to allow it to pass by.

The ridiculous thing was that I ended beside the damned highway with its noise and intimidating speed . Any ways there was one big bridge which had a pedestrian route to cross. That was the biggest I have ever seen in my life at such close distance. After that it was the small industrial parks and big shops which I knew have existed but was seeing them at close distance.

I made an error in taking a right turn and voila I was shocked to see the same shops again .. wondered for a moment if they have 2 branches in the same area.. then I realised how stupid I was when I saw the damned highway . I just made a circle . Any ways I moved forward with caution but I finally reached the place where I saw the board of Industrial park !

Voila !! It wasn't even a bit of effort and I reached it . I felt I could come back next time with bag and some cash.. I walked int he street for some time , realised how big the shops were and came back fast as the light was going down. When I reached familiar location I put some music and started.


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