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Riding up
Once we are finished with both mosel and rhine bicycle routes which are now mostly accessible from Mittel Rhein Bahn, I had to turn my attention towards the slopes and the view which we will get as  a gift for all the hardwork put.

So one of the roads was near mosel but it was just too steep, I could go for probably 2-3 Km and it was always getting dark and the prerequiste here was to already ride 25 kms in advance. So it needs better "cycling fitness"! Another important thing was there was no cycling route but it was more like a hikers path.

So when I was looking around for proper cycling paths into the hills. I found this place called neiderheimbach which is a railway station on rhine close to bingen. I could take the bike on the train and start the ride. I went there once to find the path and it was pretty clear. I returned back and went after 2 days.

This one is a power generator which uses the water flow from the river.

There might have been a reason why the road was marked as UNESCO path. There were lot of hotels and shops for tourists which are closed for winter. It was also a marked as cycling route, though the climb was too much it was not so straining on the rider as the angle was not bad.

It was totally a 4 km ride to Oberheimbach which means upper rheimbach and once I reached the place I found another route for panaroma view which was more steep. But the view was just spellbounding.

I could see the steep cut and nothing else but wild forest infront of me. It was just dark brown and I was imagining how awesome it would be in the summer when the greenery is back.

Overall its an amazing place and since it was getting dark and cold I had to return back. The next time there is a steep climb of 200m from this place and Its one hell of a challenge to finish the next climb but with sufficient rest I am pretty sure I could make it.


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