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Overcoming Sickness
Normally Christmas food is something which people celebrate, I did go out especially to eat with a friend at a viatnamese restaurant. I came back and in the late night since I was hungry I ate some baked beans. As the night went on I did a big mistake which was to eat more.

So the next day woke up feeling bad in stomach. I felt it was only to do with stomach but later I felt cold and feverish. I get normally that throat feeling whoch makes water taste weird and not allow me to drink water much. Yes its typical sick stuff. So first instinct was to think of Anti Biotics, should I take it? I already heard so many horrible stories about Anti biotics in chicken, eggs etc. I took some " వాము " which apparently is called Ajwain in english. This herb makes sure the stomach issues are solved. But I am still left with the feverish feeling.

Went for a walk, a little ride and finally got some energy to cook some kichdi and ate a little, yes I do remember that eating  more made me sick in the first place and then again went for a walk chewing some వాము and then watched something which made me laugh, happy and interested !

I slept and I did sleep well for quite a long time. I did sweat which is a classic symbol of the fever going down. I woke up feeling fresh. I was able to go on a pretty long ride. Now that I am able to blog about it, I guess I am cured.


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