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Resolve to climb
Yes and that was something I took this new year and why not start on the first day?

I continued the path which I mentioned in the previous blog post. This time path till oberheimbach was like a cake walk to what was left ahead. I was happy that I got rid of the main car way and was given a route which says "Only for farmers", yeah thanks it would mean no one as none of the farmers do anything in the winter. So I was completely left on my own, since it was like 8 AM there was not even the occassional walker.

Coming to the path it was steep for sure and I gave up like in the begining itself started walking. Then again started riding. It went on like a process. I saw that the road has this pin head curves which make it easy for vehicles to go up but not me. I reached a place where I saw some horses and I sat there for some time. I later saw some sheep which were looking at me strangely like WTF am I doing at that place.

I think after that sheep, I was loosing energy and there was no way I could ride continuously without stopping for rest. I was looking for a bench but couldn't find any. Finally I reached a place where there was nice map. It was the corner of oberrheimbach "wander weg" aka hiking trails. I found that there are too good a hiking trail in this region. I sat for sometime drank some multi vitamin water to refresh myself. I was also sweating so had to remove the jacket and face the cold weather which was 5C at that time.This hut like place is a nice one and I guess it was sponsored not by the cycling guys but the hiking guys which had UNESCO sponsorship. There were also emergency numbers and nearest hotels listed with phone numbers. I also saw some events listed for june :D

Next on the place was these continous pine trees like a plantation. It was not steep at all in any consideration but it was a gradual elevation( as I learnt in the journey down hill) . I was scolding myself for being unable to go forward. I think I was bad in fitness. Well I just walked this wonderfull pine plantation road. I think this would be a nice place for a movie.

At the end of the pine route I reached this electric substation. I have to mention that there are wind mills nearby. The station was unmanned but there are dishes on evey building and it look s like its full of sensors and is automated. Yeah it felt so modern but I was more interested in going forward. I wanted desperately to sit and this time I wanted to even relax my back.

Guess my shock when I found a nice display board explaining how the electric wires are going and are living sustainably by making sure the forests , its animals live in co-habitat. They mark some trees which are about to fall down or dangerous with some paints and remove them regularly to avoid a fall down.

It wasn't steep any more and guess what I found a slope going down and I was like yay down let me use gear 7 and finally I found my park bench. I just took off jacket and made it my mattress and slept for some time. I also met a guy walking and said "morgen" for morning.

After some time I started my trip and I found that it was foggy and I saw some high platforms probably built to watch cattle / horses. I could smell the village air and it felt so good.

I reached the highest point on the trip and found that my actual destination is down hill and I went ahead, the road became bad and finally I saw my destination, took a pic and returned back.
The fog at previous place increased and visibility was down to 5 meters or so. This was also a road so I was a bit concerned.Later I found the pine plantation region to be really down hill. I got down and changed jacket to complete cover mode so that no wind comes. It was also windy by then. It was easy to come down but was dangerous and attention was very much in need. The wind was freezing my hands which are protected by gloves. I did come down pretty fast like literally 6 times faster :D

Anyways I am happy I did my first 400 meters climb. This path would lead to 800 meters. Next time I need for sure some food which I can eat warm on top. Or maybe just go on a working day and eat at the town?


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