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A new find
As my previous post was about depression I was suggested to buy another bicycle to get over the last one. People should move on right? 😉

So I was searching online and I found one for 35€ and I was like wow it looks decent atleast in the pic, maybe its really broken or its gone off in sale. So I messaged the lady who was selling it and I didn't get a reply for 2 days and damn as if the old sadness is not enough no reply meant the bike for that price was sold off. I was delighted when she replied asking me how much I would be willing to pay for it. I was kind of thinking, maybe she will ask more and if she does I took a 10 € extra.

So as I reached her place and ringed the bell an old man was like no she doesn't live here you get lost.. lol 😄 I was like yeah thats quite typical. His wife came and told her daughter is not home and I must wait. In 2 minutes she came and she was like "Ahh you are punctual" , well deutschland did teach me that one thing. The poor father was suffering from alzheimers. 😢 So thats the reason we had to wait before we go inside.

So as we enter the garden I see these two bikes. One grey and one silver. The silver was the worst one with complete body shaking like hell. So I checked the grey one. The grey one had good height and it felt nice but I was unable to easily change gears.  I was complaining about such an old gear system. I also had to pump air. It was easy to pump on the grey one but on silver one, my mind was almost decided on taking the grey one. The grey one saddle is unusable and had to be tightened to be used. The silver one had extra fittings, of all the fittings the lamps are waste.  I was told that the bikes are so old they belonged to the old couple who can't move anymore.

So I again put some air and went on silver one, this time the gears were atleast changing unlike the grey one whose gears didn't change at all. I had no choice and was complaining about air to fill and too much work ( arbeit 😜 ) I was given a bumper offer 20  € and I was like beaming inside.  She was able to find a better pump, I filled the air fully this time and rode it wasn't so bad and the shake was still there.  So I made up my mind to buy the silver one.

So I took the bike and rode to city and it was hard getting adjusted to the gear system. I thanks to missing a train did ride like 30 kms on day 1 itself.

I came home and brought the bike inside. I removed all the extra fittings like lamps, dyanamo and even the wire fittings. It was all a mess. I then sat and tightened all the screws. I took the bike for a ride and it was good. It was a nice find ☺️ and I later realised the tyres and wheel which the old man changed are well maintained this one was better than the old one in efficiency.

Next important thing is the saddle whose height cant be adjusted. I had to keep at the top most without moving the seat post. That was perfect for me but the saddle didnt last for a day as it was tightened at the edge. It came out right in the middle of my journey. I had to set it low for now. 😟

The most convenient thing with this bike is it came with a compartment to put stuff, unfortunately the key was lost but who cares I can put groceries and lock in it. 😎 I now purchased a touring saddle. It has got more height and that should be aptly enough, I am yet to check.


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