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The Birthday night!

  • Riding on the evening before just with bare light (battery actually) thinking that I wouldnt be needing it later

  • Searching on map the exact road and asking people for that small road instead of actual landmark

  • Later happy to just follow the crowd not just the direction but also seeing them we fould nice place to securely lock our bikes.

  • Why not, "Its almost 12 and its my birthday" I stay enjoying awesome music from couchncocktail

  • The above thing means its 12 and we missed the last train. The event was finished by 1 AM

  • We decide or infact I am the birthday boy decide to go on bicycle to the next city

  • We meet a group who were friendly and a regular biker advises me not to go through the route as it was really bad.

  • We go and wow amazing experience!

  1. Amazing

  2. Wow with moonlight

  3. The bridge sucks

  4. Scary as its pitch dark

  5. We loose each other in the dark

  6. Dreadful as we meet with some sad incident

  7. One bike was damaged so slowly we try follwing lights

  8. Before we almost reach the town another incident happens to my friend.

  9. Wind gets chilly and we just wanna go home

  10. Boring conversation and a stay inside ATM room

  11. Reach destination but we see heavy rains.

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